Learn all about conversational AI chatbots and how to build your own using Rasa Open Source and Rasa X.

Customizing Training Data Importing

Since Rasa version 1.2 you can customize the way Rasa imports training data for the model training. This tutorial shows you how to use provided out-of-the-box components or how to build your own importer module and plug it into Rasa.…

Tobias Wochinger

Building a Common Language for Conversational AI

We start creating a common language to talk about the structure of conversations with AI assistants.…

Alan Nichol

Designing Rasa training stories

Training data is an essential part of every machine learning model. In this post, we are going to cover the best practices of designing Rasa training stories and what you should keep in mind to build your best conversational AI assistant.…

Justina Petraityte

Rasa NLU in Depth: Part 3 – Hyperparameter Tuning

Part 3 of our Rasa NLU in Depth series covers hyperparameter tuning. We will explain how to use Docker containers to run a Rasa NLU hyperparameter search for the best NLU pipeline at scale.…

Tobias Wochinger

Rasa NLU in Depth: Part 2 – Entity Recognition

Part 2 of our Rasa NLU in Depth series covers entity recognition. We will explain which components you should use for which type of entity and how to tackle common problems like fuzzy entities.…

Tobias Wochinger

Rasa NLU in Depth: Part 1 – Intent Classification

Level 3 Contextual Assistants: Beyond Answering Simple Questions

This posts gives an overview of the key capabilities that AI assistants need to handle contextual conversations.…

Alex Weidauer

Conversational AI: Your Guide to Five Levels of AI Assistants in Enterprise

I wanted to give a bit more detail to the concept of five levels of AI assistants. We’ve been talking about it at Rasa for…

Alex Weidauer

How to build a GDPR compliant chatbot or voice assistant

Building AI bots often requires working with sensitive customer data. Open source brings the necessary transparency you need to work with personal data.…

Philipp Wolf