Customer Stories

Find out how companies and individuals are using Rasa Open Source and Rasa X to build AI assistants that improve their workflows and processes.

A Look Back at Rasa Developer Summit 2019

During two panel discussions and 14 talks, we heard from speakers at companies including N26, Adobe, Lemonade, and Facebook, who related experiences building custom integrations, shared cutting-edge research, and outlined strategies for leading effective product teams.…

Karen White

Learning @ Rasa: Evaluating NLU Services for Conversational Question Answering System

We talked to Daniel Braun from Technical University of Munich about his SigDial paper evaluating the NLU services for conversational question answering systems.…


Building Bots with Rasa: SHIBA — Slack Hosted Interface for Business Analytics

Justina Petraityte is a data scientist at a video games development company Radiant Worlds. Combining her passion for AI and conversational bots, Justina recently used Rasa NLU to build SHIBA, a bot that works like an AI Data Analyst.…


Building with Rasa: eLearning chatbot

Nishank Mahore, engineer passionate about data science and conversational AI, used the Rasa NLU library to build a chatbot to help participants of elearning platforms and webinars.…


Building with Rasa: Yellobot — Yellow Pages Canada Chatbot

Nathan Zylbersztejn shares how he used Rasa NLU framework to build Yellobot, a chatbot for Yellow Pages Canada.…