NLP focuses largely on converting text to structured data. Common tasks include parsing, speech recognition, part-of-speech tagging, and information extraction.

Exploring Semantic Map Embeddings / Part I

We explore a new sparse text embedding that has some interesting properties.…

Johannes E. M. Mosig

Custom Gensim Embeddings in Rasa

Training your own word embeddings can be a hassle, and we typically advise against it. It can require a lot of computing power, time, and a…

Vincent Warmerdam

Visualise Word-Embeddings with Whatlies

We're happy to announce that we're open sourcing a visualisation tool!…

Vincent Warmerdam

Rasa NLU in Depth: Part 3 – Hyperparameter Tuning

Part 3 of our Rasa NLU in Depth series covers hyperparameter tuning. We will explain how to use Docker containers to run a Rasa NLU hyperparameter search for the best NLU pipeline at scale.…

Tobias Wochinger

Rasa NLU in Depth: Part 1 – Intent Classification

This is part one of our three-part in-depth series about Rasa NLU. It will cover intent classification components, when to choose which and how to solve common real-world problems.…

Tobias Wochinger