Rasa NLU

Rasa NLU is an open-source natural language processing tool for intent classification, response retrieval and entity extraction in chatbots.

Rasa Open Source + Rasa X: Better Together

We recently launched Rasa X, a free toolset that helps you quickly iterate on and improve the quality of your contextual assistant built using Rasa Open Source.…


NLP vs. NLU: What's the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

The terms NLP and NLU are often used interchangeably, but they have slightly different meanings. Learn the difference between natural language processing and natural language understanding and why they're important for successful conversational applications.…


A Look Back at Rasa Developer Summit 2019

During two panel discussions and 14 talks, we heard from speakers at companies including N26, Adobe, Lemonade, and Facebook, who related experiences building custom integrations, shared cutting-edge research, and outlined strategies for leading effective product teams.…

Karen White

Rasa NLU in Depth: Part 3 – Hyperparameter Tuning

Part 3 of our Rasa NLU in Depth series covers hyperparameter tuning. We will explain how to use Docker containers to run a Rasa NLU hyperparameter search for the best NLU pipeline at scale.…

Tobias Wochinger

Rasa NLU in Depth: Part 2 – Entity Recognition

Part 2 of our Rasa NLU in Depth series covers entity recognition. We will explain which components you should use for which type of entity and how to tackle common problems like fuzzy entities.…

Tobias Wochinger

How to build HIPAA compliant AI Assistants using Rasa

TL;DR: Rasa provides a way to develop your HIPAA compliant conversational AI Assistants. It gives you the full functionality and flexibility to build scalable contextual…

Dominik Rosenkranz

Rasa NLU in Depth: Part 1 – Intent Classification

Enhancing Rasa NLU models with Custom Components

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create custom components and add them to the Rasa NLU pipeline to take your AI assistants to a whole new level.…

Justina Petraityte

Improving Entity Extraction with Lookup Tables

Extracting meaning from text is at the core of any NLU system. Rasa NLU + Lookup tables can dramatically improve entity extraction for your application.…

Tyler Hughes